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B&B Micro Manufacturing builds handcrafted,
RVIA-certified tiny houses in Massachusetts.

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Handcrafted Tiny Houses

Looking for a pre-designed tiny house you can personalize?  Every square foot of space is carefully designed to maximize comfort, storage, and livability.  All the tiny houses in our design portfolio can be customized: you specify the colors, materials, fixtures and appliances and we’ll build it to your personal style.

Tiny House Shells

Ready For You To Finish

Interested in taking on a DIY tiny house project? A DIY Tiny House Shell is the easiest and most affordable way to get your tiny house project started on a trailer foundation you know will be safe and sturdy. We frame it, you finish it.

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B&B Micro Manufacturing is one of the largest and most experienced tiny house builders in the world. With decades of combined experience from “big” construction, the B&B team dove head first into learning the nuances of building small, liveable, and mobile spaces in 2015 and never looked back. Now, B&B’s team of 35 builders has a combined experience of 471 years in the construction field.  Top quality materials, outstanding craftsmanship and an unmatched commitment to creating lasting relationships with our customers have allowed B&B to quickly become one of the leaders of the tiny house movement.


An Original Tiny House by B&B

Designed with flexibility in mind, the Arcadia is a great option for those with tiny living experience for anyone looking to own their first tiny house. Built on a standard frame and layout with plenty of color, material and finish options to choose from, the Arcadia offers the affordability of a prefab tiny house with the design flexibility of a custom build. Enjoy the process of crafting a unique and original aesthetic without breaking the bank.


  • Spacious layout featuring living area, kitchen and fully functioning bathroom.
  • Sleeping loft
  • RVIA Certified and safe for the road

I have looked at hundreds of tiny homes and construction companies. Your homes are simply beautiful!


You are the best tiny house manufacturer in the northeast at the best price (according to my research, and I am good at it!)



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