The Arcadia Shell – A Weather Tight Tiny House Shell On Wheels That’s Ready For You To Finish.

Are you confident in your construction skills and interested in building a DIY tiny house? The Arcadia Shell is the simplest and safest way to get started. Built atop a road-ready trailer that comes with it’s own certificate of origin, The Arcadia Shell is delivered to your door fully constructed and weather tight with framed and sheathed walls, a roof, and a sub floor, ready for you to finish.

Need A Custom Designed Shell? Feel Like Starting From Scratch Instead?

No problem! If you’re not in love with The Arcadia Shell’s standard layout we’ll work with you to design a custom tiny house shell that meets your exact specifications. Or if you’d prefer to start from scratch, purchase a tiny house frame (wood or steel) on a trailer and install the walls, roof, and floor on your own!

Ensure That Your DIY Tiny House On Wheels Is Build On A Strong, Durable Foundation and Road-Safe Trailer.

While you might have the skills and equipment to take on a tiny house build, one thing you probably don’t have is an RVIA certification. The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) is a national trade association that sets building standards for RV manufacturers across the country – and yes, your tiny house on wheels is considered an RV! While we can’t get your work RVIA certified, as an RVIA Certified Builder B&B Micro Manufacturing can help advise you on best practices and provide resources that will help finish your DIY tiny house shell and stick to RVIA’s accepted standards. Rely on our expertise and have peace of mind knowing that your DIY tiny house is built on a frame and trailer that are safe to drive on the road.

B&B Micro Manufacturing Helps DIY Tiny House Builders With Expertise and Guidance.

Learn from our experience – and our mistakes! Over the past few years, we’ve learned that tiny house construction shares a lot with “big” construction but is also very different. We’ve developed effective strategies and come across every road block you could possibly imagine when it comes to building a tiny house. When you purchase a tiny house shell from B&B Micro Manufacturing you gain a partner with years of experience in tiny house construction. Know that you can reach out to us with questions, guidance, or just to share progress and updates as you put the finishing touches on your very own tiny house!

Ready To Chat About Tiny House Shells With An Expert?