The Arcadia – A Prefab Tiny House On Wheels Designed and Built By The Industry Leader.

B&B Micro Manufacturing is proud to present The Arcadia, our signature prefab tiny house on wheels. The Arcadia is the perfect “starter” home for anyone interested in taking on tiny living. Meticulously crafted by tiny house experts, The Arcadia’s sleek, open design features a sleeping loft, full kitchen and bathroom, as well as a beautiful living space that feels anything but tiny! In addition to the Arcadia, we also do completely custom builds.

Prefab Tiny Houses Are The Easiest, Fastest and Most Affordable Option.

Prefabricated or “pre-fab” tiny houses are standard models that are turn-key and complete when you purchase them. Based on a standard floor plan and priced for the budget-conscious homebuyer, a prefab model is primed and ready for you to simply select finishes and drive it off the lot! With outstanding standard features and plenty of flexibility on colors, materials and finishes, The Arcadia offers the opportunity to own an affordable tiny house on wheels that is customized to your unique aesthetic style.

Custom New Construction Vs. Prefab Tiny Houses – Which Is Right For You?

Prefab is not the solution for everyone. Some people want a completely custom design from scratch while others prefer a basic layout and minimalist finishes. Which is right for you? If you already have a blueprint or even just some ideas in mind, or if you’re likely to want unlimited flexibility in tweaking designs, custom new construction is the right choice. For those looking to stick to a strict budget and like the idea of a standard layout, a prefab tiny house might be your best bet. If you’re still not sure, get in touch with us today to review all of your options with a tiny house expert!

RVIA Certified Travel Trailers Provide Peace Of Mind That Your Tiny House Is Safe On The Road.

Did you know that your tiny house on wheels is considered an RV? The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), is responsible for setting and upholding building standards for all RV manufacturers across the country. B&B Micro Manufacturing is an RVIA Certified Builder – that means you can rest easy knowing your prefab tiny house on wheels is safe to take on the road.

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