Quality and Craftsmanship Drive B&B Micro Manufacturing As One Of The Most Experienced Tiny House Builders In The World.

At B&B Micro Manufacturing, quality and craftsmanship have always been our top priorities. Using the highest quality materials and always striving to exceed industry standards for safety and building integrity has allowed us to grow into one of the most trusted and experienced tiny house builders in the entire world.

Prefab & Custom Built RVIA Certified Tiny Houses Are Safe and Ready For The Road.

Did you know that a tiny house on wheels is considered an RV or “recreational vehicle” by transportation agencies (like DMV or RMV) in the United States? Tiny houses on wheels are held to the same set of building and safety standards as their camper cousins. As a Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) Certified Builder, B&B Manufacturing is able to deliver road-safe tiny houses on trailers with their very own certificate of origin, backed by the RVIA seal. Have peace of mind knowing that your tiny house (or shell) was built by experts who keep up with the industry’s highest standards.

Whether You Have Ideas Scribbled On A Napkin Or A Full Design Blueprint, We Can Make Your Vision A Reality.

Whether you’re a DIY’er with a few ideas sketched out or a contractor with a blueprint drawn to scale, B&B Micro Manufacturing has product for you. With options like bare bones frames on trailers, weather tight shells, or completely custom designed and built tiny houses, we can take on projects in any stage of the process and see them through to completion. Trust our experience as expert tiny house builders to deliver a solution that fits your budget and exceeds your expectations.

Enjoy Working With Experts Who Are Passionately Immersed In Tiny House Construction.

Tiny house builders are different than regular construction companies. Building small, mobile and livable spaces requires a deep understanding of the tiny house lifestyle and a precise attention to fine details that are often overlooked in “big” construction. Benefit from working with builders who are passionate about tiny houses and completely immersed in the lifestyle.

Company Overview

B&B Micro Manufacturing began in 2016 as a modest tiny house builder.  Originally just a small project between the three partners, we have since grown to 42 employees who produce 10 to 15 RVIA-certified tiny houses a month in the beautiful Berkshires.  We are thrilled to call North Adams, MA home, and to source the vast majority of our supplies locally.

B&B has made its name on an unwavering attention to detail and quality.  We have put together an impressively talented team of tradesmen and women who believe in only building the best product possible.  We have our team to thank for our impressive growth, and through further outreach we will continue to expand nationally.

We love tiny houses and are proud to be at the forefront of a long-lasting tradition of tiny house building.  We believe our buildings are the future of affordable housing, and an attractive substitute to mobile living.  We can build any small structure, build it well, and ship it to wherever needed.  Please feel free to get in touch to speak to us about your project or housing goals.

About Us

Chris St. Cyr is head of B&B’s finance and sourcing as well as supplier and client relationships.  He grew up in Adams, MA and learned the carpentry trade from his partner, Mitch Bresett’s father (whom B&B is now named after).  Chris graduated from Williams College with a degree in Economics and worked at hedge funds for the first 8 years of his career.  A fortuitous meeting in 2016 led to partnering with Jason and Mitch on a tiny house property, after which the 3 quickly began putting a team together to build the houses in North Adams, MA.   

Jason Koperniak heads B&B’s Business Development.  He works diligently to ensure the firm’s continuous improvement and outreach.  Jason’s diverse real estate background in land development has aided B&B to be at the forefront of Tiny House and Accessory Dwelling Unit zoning reform.  Jason, like his business partners, grew up in Adams, MA. He went on to graduate from Bowdoin College where he studied Economics and Anthropology.  Jason spent 7 years working in the financial world prior to seizing the opportunity to launch B&B with his childhood friends.

Mitch Bresett is in charge of B&B’s production.  He oversees 40 plus tradesmen, and ensures only the highest quality product leaves the shop.  Mitch grew up in Adams, MA and learned the trade from his father, Mike Bresett, who the business is named after.  Mitch went to trade school as a diesel mechanic, and his skill set ranges from helping to build armored trucks, to having built entire houses.  Mitch has thousands of hours of tiny house building experience, and the ability to bring a simple hand drawn house to fruition.

Katie Jackson joins B&B as a business and community development manager after a wide range of experience in design, woodworking, and community building, including at Tiny House Connecticut, River Valley Cohousing Village, and The Good Neighbors Project.  After graduating Bennington College, Katie studied cabinetmaking at New England School of Architectural Woodworking, became head of woodworking at Camp Onaway, founded Katie Jackson Woodworks, headed up the woodshop at NESIT Hackerspace, and wrote the award-winning DIY book Hand-Built Outdoor Furniture: 20 Step-By-Step Projects Anyone Can Build, and taught woodworking to a diverse range of students.  Katie has also worked as a quality assurance inspector at a medical and aerospace sensor company, as a manager at an antique shop and auction house, and as a web communications admin for many businesses and non-profit organizations.  

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